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an extraordinary blend

We’re health communication specialists with the prowess of Leith, the renowned creative agency. From our sister companies Cello Signal and Cello Health we mix in expert digital thinking and scientific knowledge. Together, we weave human stories into a world that changes lives.

It’s a combination that makes us like no other.

And we like it that way.

going beyond

Our background is in public health. So it’s in our nature to think about health from a human perspective.

Our work with governments, the pharmaceutical industry and health charities means our expertise is vast. But it’s our broader experience and creativity that let us go beyond the norm in health marketing.

And beyond is always a good place to be.

being human

We live in a time of rapid scientific progress. Innovative medicines, personalised therapies and data-driven technologies have the potential to transform lives.

We believe that what we do can also change lives. But for people to understand this, we need to engage with them on a human level. To tell powerful, life-changing stories about medical achievement.

The insights we’ve gained over the years mean we know there can be difficult times, as well as moments filled with joy. From that life-changing choice to that piece of communication which saved a thousand lives.

By telling the stories that matter, we can connect with everyone involved in the world of health. From patients and loved ones through to healthcare professionals, politicians and the pharmaceutical industry.

That’s why we’ve created Being. It’s the home for these stories. And a place to discuss how creative communications can bring stories to life.

Making life better for every human being.

“From the initial concept and ideas to all the strategic planning to wrestling more content in more formats than we ever envisaged. For cool, calm leadership, advice and expertise throughout – it’s been a fantastic experience working with you all.”Andy Powrie-Smith Executive Director of Communications & Partnerships, EFPIA

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